With climate change as the most pressing challenge of our generation, an emerging climate finance architecture, led by multilateral climate funds, aspires to channel hundreds of billions of dollars, and to leverage the allocation of even larger sums of private funds into climate-friendly investments. Ensuring that climate finance delivers on this challenge is a matter of concern to all, and particularly to those most vulnerable and directly affected by climate change.

The SAN was created to promote good governance in climate finance through enhanced stakeholder engagement by supporting non-state oversight, promoting transparency and building capacity to enhance meaningful participation at all levels of climate finance decision-making with particular focus on the global level. It is a network that aims to facilitate sharing of knowledge and coordination among climate fund observers from civil society, indigenous people, and the private sector.

The SAN lines of action

The SAN operates by:

  • Proposing and promoting higher Standards, common across funds, promoting best practices of Stakeholder Engagement
  • Identifying and addressing Capacity gaps to empower Stakeholder Observers to fulfill their roles and responsibilities
  • Producing, curating and disseminating Knowledge and Information to support the role of Stakeholder Observers

The SAN’s vision & mission, theory of change, operating values and principles and lines of action are described in the SAN Strategy and Business Plan

SAN Stories

Who we are:

The SAN is a network of civil society, Indigenous Peoples and private sector representatives who serve or have previously served as stakeholder observers in major multilateral climate funds. The network seeks to enhance the ability of observers to perform their duties toward the constituencies they represent, bringing their voices to the governing bodies of climate funds.

All current and former nonstate stakeholder observers are eligible to become SAN members. See our members and how to become a SAN member [links to membership list and membership enquiry – we will need to create those pages; membership enquiries should direct to the “contact us” link]


The SAN is governed by a Coordinating Committee including civil society, Indigenous Peoples and private sector representatives elected for a three-year term among SAN members

SAN Coordinating Committee Members

Civil Society Organizations

Indigenous People

Private Sector