The Stakeholder Advisory Network on Climate Finance (SAN)
is a cooperative platform that brings together climate finance actors across major climate funds to promote governance that is inclusive, transparent, and accountable at all levels of decision-making. Through collaboration, research, capacity building, and networking, the SAN aims to strengthen partnerships of non-government stakeholders with climate finance entities to ensure the voices often ignored in development finance are heard.

What problems is the SAN designed to address?


Climate change, the defining issue of our time, requires immediate, scaled-up action on a planetary and local scale.


Better engagement of beneficiaries and other stakeholders is critical to improve outcomes in climate finance.


To address the climate crisis, climate finance must operate more effectively and equitably.


But: stakeholder engagement is constrained by limitations in the mandate, capacity, and access to information and knowledge.


SAN seeks to address these constraints, for more effective and equitable climate finance outcomes.

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